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Ground Network 1st PAN-European Network dedicated to the aviation industry

By taking connectivity one level up, we meet the growing needs of passengers traveling across Europe.

  • Superior connectivity for the European airspace
  • Network consists of ca. 300 LTE ground sites
  • Overall network capacity beyond 50 Gbps
  • 24/7 network management support
  • Simple capacity extension via scalable network architecture
  • First launch planned for Q2 / 2017

LTE Technology 1st genuine high-speed, in-air connectivity solution

In addition to our future-proof 4G LTE ground network, Deutsche Telekom will now offer the same 4G LTE performance in the air.

  • High speed & low latency
  • Large capacity especially in high traffic areas
  • One dedicated spectrum across Europe (2 x 15 MHz)
  • Seamless hand-over across borders
  • LTE and S-Band seamlessly combined
  • Superior total cost of ownership – equipment, installation, fuel, repair & maintenance

S-Band Technology State-of-the-art S-Band satellite technology

To deliver the best connectivity in the skies over Europe, we joined forces with an outstanding partner. Inmarsat, the world’s leading mobile satellite communications service provider, complements our superfast LTE technology and our ability to build superior networks.

  • Relies on S-band satellite platform
  • Multi-beam, pan-European coverage
  • Airlines can access mobile satellite services (MSS)
  • S-band spectrum available in all 28 EU countries
  • Complements Inmarsat’s Global Xpress satellite network

Wi-Fi Onboard Outstanding onboard Wi-Fi experience via Deutsche Telekom’s HotSpots

Deutsche Telekom offers passengers the best in-air Wi-Fi internet solution.

  • Deutsche Telekom as ISP
  • High-speed onboard Wi-Fi connection
  • Variety of Wi-Fi products available
  • Broad range of payment options
  • Flexible approach with multiple business models
  • Increasing passenger loyalty

Easy Access To take usage to new heights, easy access is a must

As one of the world’s leading and most innovative telecommunication companies, we focus on serving end customers from A to Z and on delivering the best possible internet experience.

  • Fully responsive portal
  • Variety of Wi-Fi products
  • Frustration-free purchasing
  • Multiple payment options
  • Roaming agreements around the globe
  • API for corporate app integration

Discount Codes Attract users with discounts or delight your valuable customers

Deutsche Telekom’s Discount Code System (DCS) is more than just a simple way to provide discounts. This high performance solution also offers airlines upselling opportunities.

  • Sponsored access codes
  • Multi-use codes for insertion into ads
  • Discounts valid for all payment methods
  • Tailored tariffs possible
  • Buy-before-you-fly option

Free Access Codes Provide free access to premium customers

Why not give free access to your most valued passengers? Distribute personalized free access codes via email newsletters or other online campaigns.

  • Provide free access to selected travelers
  • Distribute codes via email newsletter or other online campaigns
  • Offer pre-flight incentives to premium passengers and/or business travelers

Customer Service Best-in-class customer service

Our international customer service is available 24/7 via email or telephone. Your passengers benefit from the service quality of a leading European telecommunications provider with more than ten years of Wi-Fi service experience.

  • 24/7 customer service via email or phone
  • First or second level customer care possible
  • Service quality of Deutsche Telekom
  • More than 10 years of Wi-Fi experience
  • Self-care account supervision, including password management

Pre-Flight Provide potential customers with In-flight Wi-Fi discounts

Even before the actual flight, Deutsche Telekom’s Discount Code System (DCS) offers tailored marketing opportunities for certain Wi-Fi products and payment methods.

  • Discount codes for newsletter campaigns
  • Speaking codes like “SummerSpecial” to enhance your offers
  • Individual codes to honor your most valued customers
  • Codes to promote certain payment methods or Wi-Fi products

Booking Offer in-flight Wi-Fi at the point of contact

Integrate our Buy-Before-You-Fly option into your sales channels to provide and sell Wi-Fi options during the booking process.

  • Sell Wi-Fi access or distribute codes as needed via various booking channels
  • Provide access codes to your passengers via email or corporate apps
  • Easy integration with our API to identify flights with Wi-Fi on board
  • Billing on a pre-agreed wholesale pricing basis

Check-In Highlight onboard Wi-Fi as a valuable add-on

Contact passengers at the airport, in lounges or at the gate. Announce in-flight Wi-Fi in pre-flight mailings or with check-in notifications.

  • Send reminders via mobile devices
  • Contact passengers in pre-flight mailings
  • Team up with us for gate promotions

Onboard Selling Wi-Fi onboard

We make it easy for your crew to assist passengers with onboard Wi-Fi offers, and we provide all the support you need, e.g. crew promotions.

  • Individual access codes for your most valued customers
  • Co-branded advertisements for onboard entertainment equipment
  • Variety of Wi-Fi products (time, data volume and bandwidth)
  • Convenient payment methods like PayPal, bonus miles or roaming

Post-flight Create booking incentives for upcoming flights & encourage passenger feedback

Why not include in-flight options with discount codes for future use in follow-up mails? Our Discount Code System (DCS) helps differentiate your company from competitors. At the same time, it serves as an incentive to encourage valuable passenger feedback.


Already in 2013, a Honeywell survey showed that to 50 percent of all passengers, onboard connectivity options have become a reason to fly with an airline more often. In addition, they would recommend internet access to their colleagues, friends and acquaintances. According to a 2015 Inmarsat survey, 67% of passengers would feel more valued by an airline that offers in-flight connectivity and 69% would choose a carrier that provides the service.

Passenger Analytics Analyze your passengers’ Wi-Fi usage

Learn more about your passengers’ internet usage. Know what they are doing online and why. Find out what Wi-Fi products they prefer so we can tailor our products to your individual needs. Gain valuable information along the customer journey to raise satisfaction, earnings and customer loyalty.

  • Detailed reporting on passengers’ internet usage
  • Data can be exported raw or formatted in graphs
  • Satisfaction tracking
  • Create your own individual dashboards

Advanced DCS Strong tool for tailored marketing

Make efficient use of the data collected, create attractive marketing campaigns and promote in-flight Wi-Fi together with your affiliates.

  • Drive usage of specific products
  • Create new products
  • Set up tailored sponsorships

Do-it-yourself CMS Independently edit your portal content

With our new state-of-the-art Wi-Fi platform, you can rely on our support or keep maintenance in your own hands. With our solution you retain full control of the content and services you provide to your passengers.

  • Update prices
  • Update product portfolio
  • Create banners and teasers
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